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What is educational psychology?

Educational Psychology is a branch of psychology that is concerned with children and adolescents. It is also relevant to parents who are concerned about their children. Educational Psychology can also be referred to as Child Psychology.

There are two main fields that an Educational Psychologist would work within:

Firstly, the assessment of children, adolescents and even young adults. This looks at an individual’s potential and areas of concern whether it be cognitively, educationally or emotionally.

The second field of interest is the emotional well being of the individual. This would involve weekly therapy to address personal and emotional stressors that may be impacting on the individual in some way.

Cara Blackie

Educational Psychotherapist

Cara is passionate about working with children, adolescents, families and their greater communities.

Having worked as a teacher, Cara is very respectful of teachers and the role that they play in children’s’ lives. Through her teaching experience, she developed an awareness of how often emotional and learning difficulties affect children’s school work and behaviour.

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Therapy addresses the emotional well being of the individual. Weekly therapy sessions address personal and emotional stressors that may be impacting on the individual in some way.

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Psychoeducational assessments

These assessments are an important tool to assist children and their parents when a child may be struggling at school and performing below what they may be capable of. An assessment will be able to assess if a child may have any learning difficulties or educational difficulties. The emotional component will be able to see if there are any emo

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IEB and GDE concession/ accommodation assessments

This is needed for Grade 11 students when they may require certain concessions and accommodations. However, this can be applied for from the Grade 8 year. This is required when a student is suspected to require extra time, a spelling concession or a scribe etc especially for their Grade 12 exams.

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School readiness assessments

This is often a required assessment by prospective primary schools. This is for children who are in Grade R and are going to be going to Grade 1 the following year. It helps to assess if there are any developmental delays or areas that may need to be worked on in order to children to cope in the Grade 1 year. This assessment will involve simi

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Career guidance assessments

Grade 10, 11 or Grade 12 students who are unsure of which career path to go down and want a better understanding of what to study next may require a Career Guidance assessment. Cara often involves a cognitive component with the personality and interests tests to get a better understanding of the student’s ability level.

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Dyslexia Screening Assessment

The use of specialised screening tools (tests) to help assess if your child has any signs of dyslexia. These screening tools are also often combined with a cognitive and educational assessment.

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Not quite sure of what assessment your child needs? Give me a ring and we can talk through the specifics of your individual situation. Phone number: 072 620 5466

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